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010 - Huge Decorated Penis Sheath (phallocrypt)
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lc Sheath rc
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DATE 19th - 20th century
AUTHOR Unknown Artist - Papua New Guinea
MEDIA Gourd - decorated with twine and natural clay-based colors - decorated with shell eyes, seed and shell dangles
SIZE 44 cm (17" 1/4) long x 6,4 cm (2" 1/2) in diameter at the opening
LOCATION Private collection
NOTES Papua New Guinea - middle Sepik river - Mumeri, Kamindabit, Kararau, and Mamen villages, Latmul people

Penis gourds were once the main clothing of many new guinea men. Now they are worn only ceremonially although in some areas it is still the preferred mode of dress. Ones like this with the hand twisted bilum cord net on them were probably only worn ceremonially and not daily. It has a large ancestor face - a huge and striking conversation piece.

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