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Ancient Greece - from Prehistory to 7th century BC
Prehistoric 8th century 8th century 7th century

There are clear representations of male masturbation in Greek prehistoric period. There is, for instance, a masturbating figurine of the Neolithic (Dimini culture) from Larisa. (We woud like to find the picture of more prhistoric examples. Can you help us?)
Ancient Greece - 6th century BC
6th century BC courting scenes Silaro treasure orgy scenes orgy scenes kouros kouroi kouros
athlete warrior satyr kouros Colmar painter Poseidon painter Epiktetos Amasis
unknown Oltos Ambrosios Euphronios Proto Panaitian Paseas Kleophrades Carpenter
party scene Skythes Priapos loom weight

In Greece, the gymnasium, where well-to-do boys spent much of the time competing with one another and just hanging out, was a place where homoerotic passion was especially concentrated, as we know not only from literary sources - above all Aristophanes and Plato, but there is also a striking elegiac couplet by Theognis which runs, "Happy the lover who works out at the gym and then comes home and sleeps with a beautiful boy for the whole day" - but also from the vases we are showing here.
Ancient Greece - 5th century BC
satyr herm Brygos Onesimos Strangford Apollo Sosias ball player Theseus
Sicilian coin Sicilian coin glaux Elpinikos Douris lovers herm herm
Briseis Antiphon Berlin Triptolemos Aegisthus strigil Krito Dokimasia
Niobid Telephos Pan Eurymedon Pelops Ganymede Euaion Dinos
Aison Riace Penthesilea Kodros Eretria Poseidon Louvre painter Polykleitos
Reed Achilles Phidias Herm fondling Kleomelos Poseidon chasing Pelops symposium
Ancient Greece - 4th century BC
Symposium Python Agde Ephebe Praxiteles Bedas Lampadedromia Lysippos lekythos
Antikythera Eros Lampadedromia boxer Hermes Dionysos courtship Makron
Tyszkiewicz hoplites

Ancient Greece - 3rd and 2nd century BC
Barberini Faun Dying Gaul Harpocrates Mosaic Croatian Apoxyomenos Pankratiasts

Triphallic Priapus Endymion sleeping Runner marionette

Ancient Greece - 1st century BC onward
Herma Ermaphroditus Croatian Apoxyomenos

Nude Youth Athlete

Warren Cup Hercules Ivory

Ancient Greece - Date unknown
(if you know it, please send us an e-mail click. Thank you.)
satyr Dodona satyrs satyr passion Apollo symposium heterae
warriors Party scene unknown wine boy pankratiastes Lampadedromia sweet embrace beautiful boy
courtship scene dancing scene athlete athlete young athlete mixing wine kynodesme disc thrower
intercrural musician symposium revelers

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