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002 - Discobolus - Ephebus
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DATE ca. 1870
AUTHOR Chiurazzi & Sons (19th century) Naples - Italy
MEDIA Bronze
SIZE 118 x 109 x 42 cm (46" 1/2 x 43" x 16" 1/2)
LOCATION Private collection
NOTES A dark green patinated bronze figure of the Discobolus or Ephebus, after the Antique original discovered in the Roman excavations at Herculaneum, inspired by the Greek Art of the 4th Century B. C., now in the Naples Museum. The eyes are inlaid with stone.
The movement of the body suggests that the disk is about to be thrown, but the Figure has also been described as an Ephebus, or young male athlete, preparing to wrestle.
Pietro Masulli, the Neapolitan sculptor, first conceived the idea of reproducing ancient art, drawing his inspiration from the methods of Cellini. His pupil, the elder Gennaro Chiurazzi set up an art school in Naples and ran the Foundry from 1840.
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