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203 - Fortitude, detail from the pulpit
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DATE 1255 -1260
AUTHOR Niccolò Pisano (1215/1220 - 1278/1284) South of Italy
MEDIA White marble
SIZE 56 cm tall
LOCATION Italy - Pisa - Baptistry
NOTES The "Fortitude" is one of the cardinal virtues derived from Plato's Republic. This statuette is considered the first modern representation of a heroic nude in the Classical manner. It departs from earlier depictions of Hercules in the sculptor's attitude towards the beauty of the nude body. The figure appears to derive from a Hercules like one on a sarcophagus in the Terme Museum, Rome, but the two are technically leagues apart. Niccolò's is at once more classical and more finely carved.

This Nicolò Pisano is not to be mistaken with the painter Nicola Pisano (1470 - 1538).

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