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503 - Saint Sebastian
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DATE 1757
AUTHOR Philipp Jakob Straub (April 30, 1706 - August 26, 1774) Wiesensteig - Württenberg - Austria
MEDIA Painted limewood
SIZE 119 cm tall
LOCATION Hungary - Budapest - Hungarian National Gallery
NOTES This statute was in the tabernacle of Egervr parish church in Zala country, where now a copy can be seen.
The figure of the holy patron against plague rise above their artistic surroundings through its emotive expression of pain and suffering, a bold balance of plastic and pictorial approaches and their perfect compositional equilibrium. The young Sebastian, tied to a tree and wounded with arrows is suffering in silence. His head is drooped on his shoulders with resignation, his attractive slim body bears his sufferings with a flagging pose.
The statue, almost avoiding any intellectual and religious effects, leads to a thrilling identification of the spectator via its sensuous beauty, decorative and colourful palette and the illusory reality of the bleeding wounds.
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