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339 - Den Gefallenen der Flakartillerie (Fallen in the anti-aircraft artillery)
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DATE 1934 - 1957
AUTHOR Felix Kupsch (1883/1885 - 1969 ) Berlin - Germany
MEDIA Bronze
LOCATION Germany - Berlin - Steglitz
NOTES The monument was uncovered on the 5th May 1933 in Emmichblock, the old barracks at the drivers Marienfelder / corner Emmichstraße (now Malteserstraße). It should honor the fallen of World War Flakartilleristen.

After the Second World War the surviving soldiers decided to restore the monument. Since the Emmichblock was now a police barracks, they found a new place for it in an abandoned cemetery opposite the memorial for the fallen veterans from Berlin-Steglitz. The base has been extended by one line in memory of the fallen comrades of the Second World War.

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