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205 - Conradin of Swabia and Friedrich of Baden Waiting for Verdict
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lc Soltau rc
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DATE 1860
AUTHOR Pauline Soltau-Suhrlandt (1833 - 1902) Germany
MEDIA Oil on canvas
SIZE 51 x 41 cm (20" 1/8 x 16" 1/8)
LOCATION Private collection
NOTES The subject of the painting is based on the poem "Conradin of Swabia" by J.J. Bodmer (Karlsruhe 1771). The last representative of the noble House of Hohenstaufen, Conradin (Conrad), Duke of Swabia (1252-68), was taken captive after suffering a defeat in a battle against Charles of Anjou near Tagliacozzo in Italy. Conradin of Swabia was beheaded in Naples together with his friend and comrade in arms Friedrich of Baden, who was possibly also his lover.
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