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Prehispanic Mexico
Aztec Modern Aztec Aztec Colima Colima Maya Colima Colima
Colima Tolteca Tolteca Olmeca Colonial Chinesco Chinesco Chinesco
Veracruz Veracruz Huaxteca

We couldn't find material about the Prehispanic Civilizations. Only a few items are real ones, the other are modern representations. If you have original homoerotic material from these civilizations, please send it to us, to enrich the Museum documentation. Thank you.
Mexico - Modern
Herrán Galan Bernardelli Zarraga

Zenil Moreno D'Eon Sabido Herrera Reyes Cassandra
Also about Central American Artists, we found very little documentation. If you can help us to find artists whose production can be of interest for this Museum, please send us an e-mail. Thank you.
Saint Juste

Vega Lopez Bellechasse Marrero Luna


We found very little about these countries. If you have some documentation, please send us an e-mail. Thank you.

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