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006 - Flute Players
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lc Native rc
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DATE ca. 800 CE
AUTHOR Unknown Native Artist - Utah - U.S.A.
MEDIA Petroglyph
LOCATION USA - Utah - Hidden Valley just above Moab
NOTES Flute Players appear in many forms and variations in the rock art of Southwestern North America. They occur, with varying attributes, throughout the very long period of Ancestral Puebloan time... referred to as the ánaasází (Hisatsinom) era. They are probably one of the most well known rock art "figures" of the world community - combined under the generalized term "Kokopelli".

Exaggerated and generalized phallic symbolism does occur with some Flute Players... like the one depicted here. The optical illusion that these Petroglyphs are "embossed" rather than "pecked" into the rock comes as the result of lighting conditions and angle of view.

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